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Summer school on contaminated soils

The remediation of polluted soils is a part of challenges of the coming years not only in a scientific and technical aspect but also at a social level (rehabilitation of former industrial sites in ecodistrict) and at economic level (markets of soil rehabilitation).
The present summer school will firstly focus on the legislation and management of contaminated soils, since the European Union (EU) is trying to establish a framework Directive. Different EU policies (for instance on water, waste, chemicals, industrial pollution prevention, nature protection, pesticides, agriculture) are indeed contributing to soil protection. But as these policies have other aims and other scopes of action, they are not sufficient to ensure an adequate level of protection for all soil in Europe.
soil picture The characterization of polluted sites will be secondly mentioned, as it is one of the most important steps before soil remediation.
Finally, some scientific and technological well established or emerging processes will be discussed. As alternatives to costly thermal treatments, physicochemical treatments (i.e. in situ chemical oxidation, soil washing, venting) and biological treatments (i.e. phytoremediation and phytostabilisation, monitored or enhanced natural attenuation, biodegradation) and their possible combination will be examined.
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Summer school on Contaminated Soils: from characterization to remediation
18-22 June 2012 - France, Paris-Est

Université Paris-Est de Marne la Vallée

Université Paris-Est de Marne la Vallée





Erasmus Mundus


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